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Kasamori-Temple in Chonan-Town

This temple is famous for one of 'Bandou 33- Kannon.

'Bandou' means : Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama, Ibaraki etc. Area
'Kannon' means: Name of GOD (very popular)

And its building shape is very unique, don't miss it.

When you visit such a Buddhism temple,
you can get some certification as below (300 yen):

The right one for Kasamori-Temple,
the left one for another temple in Kyoto.

It's interesting to collect these certifications, good for your trip memories.

Kasamori-Temple is 31th temple of 33-Kannon.
Aroud Tokyo area, there are 33 famous temples listed up.
For the fans of Japanese old temples,
it's popular to visit all 33 temples in order.
But it will take several days to visit all.

As one of these 33 temples,
I recommend you to visit the first temple named Sugimoto-Temple !

This old temple with grass-roof in Kamakura area, Kanagawa Pref.

Kamakura area is very famous for sightseeing spot,
where you can visit many temples and meet good Buddhism Statues.
From our guest house to Kamakura area,
only 1.5 hours by car (or by Exp.Bus and tarin).

Pleas check here (English guide).

And another famous temple is 13th, named Sensou-Temple.

Do you know the name of Asakusa-Town?
this temple is the symbol of Asakusa.
Don't hesitate to visit there (English guide).
Only 1 hour by car (or train).

I hope you can enjoy Japanese old culture.