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Mount Fuji with snow cap

Mt. Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan.
How beautiful it is!!
which is registered as 'World Heritage'

It's our Japanese soul symbol!

Japanese old religion called 'Shintho'
sets any nature as our gods
such as beautiful mountains, big trees, water falls, big rocks, etc.

So we can find many gods around us here and there, and feel happy.
It's very different from the thinking of the Christian, isn't it?

Among of these nature gods,
Mt. Fuji is very very special for Japanese people.

Especially in Winter, with the white snow cap,
it's very beautiful and we recommend you
to visit the view spot where you feel Mt. Fuji beauty much more.

One of famous view spots near our guest house is 'Hakone'
It takes about 2.5 hours by car.
You can enjoy wonderful hot springs, too!

The field of Lotus

The big typhoon directly passed over our village.
But fortunately, after we get new rice from the fields,
we could escape big damage.

But in some districts, over 1 week the electric power shut down,
or the roof of many houses especially along the sea side blown off!
The life of people was confused .

Our guest house was not damaged.

The calm country life coming back.
In our garden, we can get many chestnuts!

Toward to Autumn & Winter,
you will enjoy many kinds of delicious vegetables and fishes!

This picture is the landscape of the rice field,
at the left side, you can see our guest house far away.

Do you like Japanese white-rice?
I believe that Japanese rice is the best all over the world! Sweet & Tasty.

Chonan-town is famous for good rice producing area.

Now, Rice-seeds (called ‘Inaho’ in Japanese) are well growing up.
In a few weeks, they will be cut and dried,
and we can taste new-rice in early September.

Please don’t miss the new-rice (only in the autumn),
which is very very tasty, the most delicious!
We Japanese specially call this season’s rice `Gin-Shari’ (Silver-Rice).

Next, let’s go around walking.

In a few minutes walking, you can enjoy this landscape, ‘Field of Lotus’
The above picture in the late afternoon (No flowers).

The flowers of Lotus only bloom in the early morning,
So, please try to get up early and enjoy flowers.
You would enjoy their good smell, too.

Do you know that the roots of Lotus-flower (called ‘Renkon’ in Japanese)
can be eaten? Have you ever tasted them?

Very delicious!  After flowers in Summer,
their roots under the water will be cut during from Autumn to Winter.

In Japan, many variations of Renkon cooking,
I ‘ll introduce in the future at this blog.