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Amusement of the Rainy Season (June)

Japanese Summer is steamy and hot,
but especially between Spring and Summer (June & early July),
more rainy days continue.
We call this season 'Tsuyu' (means 'plum rain').

Hydrangea, many kinds & many colors

Even in this gloomy season, you can find some amusement
near our guest house.

One is watchinng special flowers called 'hydrangea',
which are more beautiful in rainy days ,
change their flower colors day by day.

You can enjoy walking (1 hour)

How about visiting to the Hydrangea Garden? (10 minutes by car)
You can see thousands of flowers at the small hill!
white, pink, purple, pale blue, red...
Enjoy some picnic.
The birds humming will make you feel good ! (Movie)

And at the gate, the farmer's market is held
where you can get fresh and seasonable vegetables and fruits.

Special onions limited in this district. soft and sweet, cheep!!
We recommend you to eat them by raw for salad.
Special fruit called 'Biwa' expensive! rare! only in the rainy season. Please try them.
Chiba Pref. is famous for its production area and its quality is very high
directly to be sent to the Japanese Emperor!

After walking in this garden,
in the night, how about seeing Fire Fly (call 'Hotaru') in Yamauchi-Dam?
Its scene is fantastic !!

Shining Fire Fly

But the period of Fire Fly shining is very very short,
it might be difficult to enjoy its shining dance in the darkness.
Every year, special shuttle buses go to the watching spot only for 3 days.
(Early June every year, but its schedule is not fixed, please ask us)

Except mentioned above 3 days,
you can go there by yourselves (20 minutes by car) .
Please switch off your handy-light and enjoy the fantastic scene!