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Tokyo station & Edo-Castle

Tokyo Station (Marunouchi) 2018 December

Welcome to Tokyo Station! really the center of Japan.
The center of Traffic, Politics, Economy.

In Marunouchi area, you can find many famous worldwide brand shops.
The scene from the Tokyo Station. Go straight, you can see the Castle, soon.

From this station, the main street directly leads to Edo-Castle,
where the emperor of Japan lives. (10 minutes walk)

You can enter into the gate of Castle by free. People enjoy walking & running.

I recommend you to walk around this area,
any seasons OK! (these pictures in the late afternoon of Autumn)
You can find some beautiful gardens near here,
Enjoy picnic with Lunch Box!

This pond protects the Castle.

This area is one of the best spot for walking, I wonder.
My favorite place!