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Our Mission

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In the country-side of Japan, there are many unoccupied houses, especially which are made of woods and grass(roof).

As you know, unoccupied houses are easily damaged and broken. But why such a bad situation "Lost of traditional houses" coming up in Japan??

First of all, young people like to go and work in the cities, because in the country side, it is difficult to get good jobs. Secondly, these old wooden houses aren't suitable for modern life, rooms very opened towards to the outside, which are too cold in winter! Even if it's cool and suitable for steamy summer.

But these traditional wooden houses are very unusual all over the world and the western people like such exotic tastes.

To resolve this problem, we thought and decided.

To keep such magnificent Japanese Culture, we will remake old house comfortably and open a small guest house (condominium type, max 6 people) and welcome to many foreigners .Now we are preparing.

Our small guest house will be opened next march 20th, 2020.

Please check here, you can enjoy an atmosphere of the old house of pre-remaking.